Lierelva 08.06.2014

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“During all the years living here, I never imagined that the river flowing so casually past my house would be so beautiful and full of life. From a distance it looks so small, dirty and uninviting. But when you are on it, it reveals so much. Animal prints, animal sightings. Who knew that bugs and insects are so colorful. The river itself. Always changing and always challenging the senses. I love when the clouds and the trees mirror themselves in the water. When the water is quiet and there’s no wind, the difference between the water and the surroundings disappear and then you are truly traveling a dreamscape.

I once visited a Camera Obscura, made large enough that humans could enter it. Once inside, it projected the images of the surroundings outside, on to a large white screen. At first it took a while for the eyes to adjust and once they adjusted it felt like I was subjected to something that was causing harm to my sense of placement in the world. Everything was twisted upside down and I lost perception. But it was so beautiful.

Sometimes traversing the river is like that, only a much grander experience. The sun and the clouds and the nature is projecting itself onto the water and throwing the reflection right back to the sun and the clouds and the nature. The trees and their roots at the riverside, growing halfway in and halfway out of the water. And then there’s the reflection of the roots, attaching itself to the tree and spreading out. The root is everywhere at once, up, down and cast out across the water. And if the water moves. The projection shatters and spreads across the surface of the water like thousand brilliant shards.

There’s absolutely nothing trivial or casual or ugly about this little river outside my house. It’s existence is magical, and you should definitely visit it.”